Best Baby Milk Powder In India

10 Best Baby Milk Powder In India 2021

For the newborn, there is nothing more useful than women’s milk, but if for medical reasons the mother can not breastfeed, you have to use special baby food. High-quality milk Powder s saturate the body with all useful nutrients and contribute to the baby’s rapid growth and development. Therefore, the choice of nutrition for the baby should be treated very responsibly.


Best Baby Milk Powder In India

Nestlé LACTOGEN 1 Infant Formula Powder

Nestlé LACTOGEN 1 Infant Formula Powder

Why we liked it: Baby food with the best composition in its price category. Suitable for a balanced diet of infants 0-6 months. Includes easily digestible proteins, healthy fats and omega acids, bifidobacteria to improve digestion.

The milk powder contains a unique protein complex Optipro – a combination of easily digestible proteins, which in terms of quantity and chemical composition, meet the infant’s needs in the first 6 months of life. 70% of the protein mass is made up of milk whey proteins.

NAN Optipro contains beneficial fatty acids, including DHA, essential for brain development and the formation of new connections between nerve cells. There is no palm oil in the composition. To improve the infant’s digestion, there are useful bifidobacteria, which prevent the development of dysbacteriosis. Dry product contains all the necessary vitamins and trace elements in average age dosages.

The NAN Optipro range includes 3 more products: for children 6-12, 12-18, and over 18 months old. They differ in the number of BJU and other nutrients to meet the needs of a fast-growing organism as much as possible. Dairy Powder s has good compositions and quality certificates, and the price is lower than that of baby food “Bibikol” or Kabrita.


  • Optipro protein complex patented;
  • Omega-3 availability
  • bifidobacteria to improve digestion;
  • No palm oil;
  • affordable price.


  • no serious flaws have been identified.


Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Follow Up Formula

Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Follow Up Formula

Why we liked it: Dry Powder with the best composition – whey proteins, goat’s milk, natural vegetable oils, omega-3 acids, contains everything you need to grow and develop the baby in the first 6 months of life. In addition, there are no stool disorders or allergies when using the product.

Baby food “Enfamil” is 3 times more expensive than NAN Optipro, but this is due to the quality of the composition. The Powder is made based on organic goat’s milk, which is absorbed in the baby’s body much better than casein cow’s milk. Dairy fats and high-quality vegetable oils provide the baby’s energy needs. With omega-3 and omega-6 products, the product supports eye and brain health.

“Enfamil” contains a complex of natural prebiotics. These substances are necessary to grow and develop beneficial bifidobacteria in the gut, preventing dysbacteriosis and preventing stool disorders in infants.

“Enfamil” carefully monitors the components of baby food, so it lacks sugar, starch, preservatives, and harmful substances for the baby. As a result, after using the Powder, there are no allergic reactions or serious digestive disorders.


  • Highly adapted product;
  • easily digestible goat’s milk proteins;
  • 100% organic and safe composition;
  • prebiotics for good digestion.


  • expensive product.


Aptamil Stage 1 Infant Formula

Aptamil Stage 1 Infant Formula

Why we liked it: Ingredients without milk proteins, gluten, lactose, and fructose are the best choice for children who are allergic to whey proteins or milk sugar. Thanks to a balanced combination of nutrients, Powder is used in babies from birth to 1 year.

The product belongs to the category of therapeutic nutrition. It is prescribed to children 0-12 months who suffer from intolerance to cow’s and goat’s milk, lactose, gluten, fructose, or galactose. Humana SL is made based on highly purified soy proteins supplemented with essential amino acids for the child. In addition, the manufacturer adds omega acids for the correct physical and mental development of the baby.

Humana SL is the best choice for infants and children with congenital enzyme deficiency when other Milke Powder is unsuitable and causes severe digestive disorders. It can be used as a basic diet in infants of the first 6 months and as a supplement in children’s second half of life. The only drawback of Humana SL is the high price.


  • Appointed from 0 to 12 months;
  • no lactose and gluten;
  • Animal proteins
  • suitable for children with enzyme deficiency.


  • Expensive.


Nutricia neocate lcp (400 g, Upto 12 Months)

Nutricia neocate lcp (400 g, Upto 12 Months)

Why we liked it: Products of a premium Dutch manufacturer with the best price-to-quality ratio. A balanced composition with whey proteins, omega fatty acids, and vitamins, a patented prebiotics formula for good digestion.

The composition resembles NAN Optipro but costs less. It contains a complex of unsaturated fatty acids (PNIC) I’m Pro, which is needed for the development of the nervous system and lays the foundation for forming the baby’s intellectual capabilities. The combination of vitamins and micronutrients in age dosages ensures the full development of the infant in the first 6 months of life.

The patented complex of prebiotics improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the risk of intestinal infections, reduces gas formation and colic. However, for children prone to frequent rubbing, it is better to choose “Nutrilon Antireflux” with a natural thickener – a bunch of carob beans.

Nutrilon 1 Premium did not take first place in the ranking, as its formula has fewer whey proteins (up to 60%) and more large-scale cases. As a result, the Powder will be absorbed in the baby’s intestines more slowly than NAN Optipro, and the baby may get a little less protein.


  • Affordable price
  • There are a lot of PNUK in the composition;
  • Complex prebiotics for digestion;
  • optimal doses of vitamins.


  • contains more hard-to-be-examined cases.


Farex 1 Infant Formula Tin – 400 g

Farex 1 Infant Formula Tin - 400 g

Why we liked it: Highly-adapted baby food with easily reducible goat proteins. Suitable for infants who have minor digestive problems or allergies to cow’s milk.  

The products contain goat’s milk proteins, which are absorbed in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract better than cow’s milk, and are much less likely to cause digestive disorders. Dry Powder is suitable for healthy infants and having minimal functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (frequent reselmination, unstable stool). Kabrita 1 GOLD is primarily recommended for infants who do not tolerate formulas with cow’s milk proteins.

Baby food includes a specially designed set of fats with beta-palmitate of dairy origin, omega-3, and omega-6. To make the components well digested, the composition is enhanced with probiotics and prebiotics. To feed babies after 6 months, Kabrita has a Powder of 2 GOLD, which has higher concentrations of nutrients.

The product belongs to the premium price segment, but it is cheaper than the other option on goat’s milk – “Bibikol Nanny.”


  • lots of goat whey proteins;
  • Improves digestion;
  • omega acids for brain development;
  • contains probiotics and prebiotics.


  • High price.


Nestlé NAN PRO 1 Infant Formula Powder

Nestlé NAN PRO 1 Infant Formula Powder

We liked it: A special blend for allergy babies who can’t tolerate cow’s milk proteins or lactose has a high-quality hypoallergenic composition and contains all the necessary nutrients for the baby.    

Products are related to therapeutic Powder s. It is designed for children with lactase deficiency, allergies to cow’s milk, severe digestive disorders, and food absorption. The source of protein in Similac Alimentum is casein hydrolysate. It is a protein broken into small fragments, which does not cause allergic reactions and is quickly absorbed in the intestines.

There is no lactose and gluten, which prevents bloating and stool instability in babies with intolerance to these components. The formula contains quality, easily digestible fats derived from animal sources, not palm oil. To develop intelligence and vision in children’s nutrition, added taurine, choline, fatty acids omega-3.

Parents note that when the infant allergy is transferred to the Alimentum Powder, digestive disorders and skin rashes disappear. This is because the disadvantages indicate an unpleasant aroma, because of which some kids refuse the product.


  • Suitable for children with severe allergies;
  • no lactose, gluten, palm oil;
  • Easily digestible proteins
  • improves digestion.


  • bad smell.


Dexolac Nutricia Stage 2 (After six months)

Dexolac Nutricia Stage 2 (After six months)

We liked it: Products of a premium Swiss company that contains useful lactobacillus to normalize the intestinal microflora and eliminate constipation. The milk powder has a pleasant taste and contains many useful nutrients.

A unique technology of bio-fermentation produces dry powder, so after its breeding, the water turns out a useful fermented milk drink, which is adapted to the baby’s needs. Unlike regular kefir, Nestogen is enriched with vitamins and minerals for the growth and development of the child.

The product contains live lactobacillus, which populates the colon, eliminates dysbacteriosis, and activates the functions of local immunity. In addition, the milk Powder improves digestion, makes the stool soft and regular, reduces gas formation.

Please note that the amount of Nestogen should be no more than 50% of the total daily amount of Powder in the diet. The product is suitable for children over 1 year old, has a pleasant taste, so kids drink it with pleasure.


  • Derived from bio-fermentation;
  • Establishes the frequency of the chair;
  • Reduces gas formation
  • the complex of trace elements and vitamins.


  • only for children over the age of 1.


Similac Infant Formula, up to 6 months

Similac Infant Formula, up to 6 months

Why we liked it: Optimal composition for premature babies, in which all components are easily digested and provide for the increased needs of the baby, NAN Pre helps the baby to gain weight quickly and promotes proper psychomotor development.

Another version of the product from Nestle, which is adapted to the needs of premature and underweight children. It contains only easily digestible components that help the baby gain weight quickly. In addition, the formula includes many low-molecular proteins that are rapidly absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract and provide the body’s cells with a “building material.” The composition reduced the amount of lactose compared to the classic Powder NAN Optipro 1 because the immature intestines of premature babies poorly digest this product.

The composition includes increased dosages of minerals and vitamins. For example, children born prematurely often have problems with the nervous system and vision, for which high concentrations of omega-3 (DHA and EPA) are added to maintain health.

Experience of the mix shows that premature babies quickly gain body weight and catch up with the development of babies born on time. Note that NAN Pre can trigger the increased gas formation and cause colic.


  • a lot of low-molecular proteins;
  • Reduced lactose content;
  • omega-3s for brain development;
  • improves physical development.


  • causes increased gas formation.


Amul spray milk powder 500gm. Tin pack

Amul spray milk powder 500gm. Tin pack

Why we liked it: The cheapest baby food in our ranking, which is for infants under 6 months old, has a balanced composition with the optimal amount of whey proteins, vegetable fats, prebiotics.

Products from the Polish company contain protein in easily digestible demineralized serum and whey protein concentrate. Adapted blend for children of the first half of life includes all the necessary vitamins and trace elements and carnitine, choline, and taurine. To provide energy in the diet “Baby Istrinsky,” there is a combination of vegetable fats, among which is indicated palm oil. In addition, the composition is reinforced by prebiotics.

The Powder contains no preservatives or dyes. In addition, the packaging indicates that the powder may have traces of gluten protein, which sometimes causes allergies and digestive disorders. Despite this, the product is popular among buyers, as it costs 2 times cheaper than the leader of our rating NAN Optipro 1.


  • Affordable price
  • Optimal protein content
  • choline and carnitine to activate metabolism;
  • no dyes or preservatives.


  • Contains palm oil;
  • can cause stool disorders.


Buying Guide Milke Powder 


On the packaging of baby food are marked with labels that will help quickly determine the desired Powder :

  • “Pre” or “0” – for premature infants and low-birth-weight children (less than 2500 g).
  • “1” – for babies 0-6 months.
  • “2” – for infants 6-12 months.
  • “3” – for children over 1 year old.
  • “4” – is less common, indicates products for children after 1.5 years.

You can find milk Powder s with averages on sale, which are suitable for infants of the first year of life. This is convenient for the mother, as it is not necessary to adapt to new nutrition after reaching the age of 6 months. However, such products may not be sufficiently balanced in the composition of BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), vitamins, and trace elements, so there is a risk of nutritional deficiency in the baby.


For infants, it is necessary to use only adapted milk Powder s, which is easy to digest and does not cause digestive disorders. All of them contain a certain amount of BJU, standard vitamins, minerals. In addition, there may be useful components in the line-up:

  • cystic and taurine are amino acids that are needed for brain formation, eye health, and proper metabolism;
  • lecithin and carnitine – help break down fats in the gut and improve their absorption;
  • lactose – positively affects the intestinal microflora, improves the motor skills of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • oligosaccharides and lactulose – promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract, prevent dysbacteriosis;
  • omega acids – necessary for proper growth and development, the formation of the baby’s nervous system.


How to choose the best baby milk Powder

When a child needs to be fed with a Powder

Full artificial feeding is prescribed if the mother does not have milk or in severe women’s severe diseases when breastfeeding is not contraindicated. The decision should be made jointly with the pediatrician and other specialists. The voluntary refusal to breastfeed, if there are no medical contraindications, is not welcome.

In hypokalaemia (when the milk of a woman is produced a little) recommended mixed feeding. At the beginning of each feeding, the baby is given breasts and then fed from a pre-prepared milk powder bottle. This method is preferable because the newborn will receive at least a little nutrients from the mother.

Types of milk Powder s

By degree of adaptation

Children are advised to use only adapted formulas – in them, the content and proportions of all nutrients as close as possible to women’s milk. There are 3 types of products in the range of food:

  1. Highly adapted Powder s. In their composition – milk serum, which is easily absorbed in the stomach and intestines, does not cause digestive disorders. Products are strictly standardized in terms of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and trace elements. It is assigned to children from the first day of life.
  2. Partially adapted. In addition to whey proteins, they contain casein (a hard-to-make protein of cow’s milk). To assimilate this, Powder s needs a higher activity of digestive enzymes, which is not observed in infants immediately after birth. Therefore, the products are suitable for children over 6 months of age.
  3. Subsequent. The composition does not have easily digestible demineralized serum, and proteins are presented in the form of casein. The Powder s are recommended for children after 1 year, so they are enriched with increased doses of vitamins and minerals necessary for the actively growing baby.

Children under the age of 1 should not be given pure cow’s milk. It contains many hard-to-digest proteins and fats, which give excessive strain on the kidneys and enzyme digestive systems.

By appointment

All Milke Powder are divided into two groups: common and specialized. The first category is designed for healthy infants: the product contains a standard number of BJU and micronutrients, which the child needs at a certain age.

The second group is a therapeutic diet that is designed to correct diseases or prevent their occurrence. In the range of specialized blends distinguish such categories:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • anti-reflux (with frequent requisite);
  • fermented milk (in colic, constipation, bowel dysbiosis);
  • Lactose-free;
  • soy (with allergies to cow’s milk);
  • high iron content (to correct anemia);
  • for premature and underweight children (with increased amounts of proteins and vitamins).

Another type of therapeutic Powder is designed for babies with rare congenital diseases (e.g., phenylketonuria, cystic fibrosis). According to a special recipe, they are produced, are expensive, and are often issued by the state.


Dry and liquid milk Powder s are on sale. 90% of the Russian market is occupied by dry baby food – powders to prepare solutions just before feeding the baby. Products do not require special storage conditions. Therefore, it is more convenient to take with you on trips.

Liquid formulas are produced in 100-200 ml in tetra packs or bottles. Before applying, they should be heated to body temperature. Liquid Powder s spoils faster, require strict adherence to storage conditions, and are much more expensive, so parents rarely choose them as the main option of baby food.

Palm oil in children’s food

Women’s milk contains many fats, particularly palmitic acid in beta form, which is a valuable source of energy. To replicate the composition of breast milk, Powder began to add palm oil, which is a lot of this fatty acid. Unlike milk fat here, palmitate is in alpha form, so it is poorly absorbed in the baby’s intestines and partially excreted with feces in an unchanged form.

Palm oil causes heated debate among parents: most believe that negligent producers add to the composition of a harmful technical product that can get into the blood and clog the vessels. However, such statements have no scientific basis.

Many producers have decided that adding palm oil is impractical because of poor digestibility. Instead, there is palmitate made of milk fat in premium product lines, which is absorbed much better.

Palm oil does not harm the body of the infant, but it will not benefit. If possible, you need to choose a baby dry Powder with palmitic acid extracted from milk fat.

Artificial feeding: an instruction for mom

How to cook a dry Powder

Before feeding, you need to thoroughly wash your hands’ wash and wipe dry bottles and pacifiers. Then you need to take the amount of power specified in the instructions and dilute it with water. It is important to follow clearly the recommendations that the manufacturer points to the packaging. The ready-to-use Powder should be homogeneous, have a temperature of 36-38 degrees Celsius.

Importantly! The dry product should be diluted with boiled water. You can’t use milk!

Baby food can be stored at room temperature no more than 1 hour after cooking. If the child has not finished, it is better to pour the rest of the Powder and the next feeding to prepare a new one.

How to introduce a new Powder into your diet

When moving from one dry food to another, you need to proceed carefully. On the first day, it is not possible to give the baby a full amount of nutrition, recommended by age, so as not to cause gastrointestinal disorders.

Pediatricians recommend the 1st day to give 1/3 of the required daily amount, divided by 5-7 feedings (respective age). If there is no adverse reaction, the next day, give 2/3 or full amount of food. Since the baby 1-2 days will receive less food, the remaining amount is replaced by boiled water, special tea for infants, or lure (if the child is over 6 months).

If the infant is medically transferred from breastfeeding to artificial, the period of adaptation will be longer. This is because the baby’s gastrointestinal tract, receiving only the mother’s milk, is not adapted to other food. The Powder is injected for 7-10 days, gradually increasing the volume for each feeding.

How to feed your baby with a Powder

The frequency of feeding is set depending on the age. For example, in the first half of life – 6-7 times a day, and after 6 months – strictly 5 times a day.

Food is given from a bottle with the help of a nipple. During the meal, the baby should be in a semi-vertical position to get into the stomach, and there was no rubbing.

The child does not swallow the air with the food; you need to tilt the bottle – the milk Powder will fill the pacifier, and the air will rise to the bottom of the tank. After feeding, the baby should be kept for a couple of minutes upright.

How to understand that the Powder is not suitable for the baby

Signs of poor child nutrition tolerance:

  • frequent re-sprinkling and vomiting after feeding;
  • Increased stools;
  • the appearance of a foul or sour smell of defecation;
  • redness and rashes on the skin;
  • Poor weight gain;
  • weakness and lethargy.

When such symptoms occur, the mother should stop feeding the Powder and consult a pediatrician. The doctor will choose a new diet, if necessary, will conduct symptomatic treatment of unpleasant symptoms.

Introduction of lure for artificial child

Children who get milk Powder s from birth get used to new products more quickly. Pediatricians advise adding vegetable or fruit baits from 4 months of age to the diet, while babies on mixed feeding should receive the first “adult” diet in 5-6 months.


Summing up

Adapted Milke Powder, selected according to age, is the best option for artificial feeding of healthy infants if a woman can not breastfeed. They are easy to digest, contain the nutrients necessary for growth and development. To solve health problems (colic, constipation, frequent snouts), there is a portion of therapeutic baby food, which a doctor should prescribe.

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