Lord Vishnu Names for baby boy

150 Lord Vishnu Names for baby boy

Lord Vishnu is one of the principal Hindu deity Lord of Svargaloka or heaven. Hindu parents like to name their new born baby boy as Lord Vishnu’s names provided here.

Lord Vishnu NamesMeaning
AchyutamOne who will never perish.
AnaghUnblemished and virtuous, One who has not commited any sin
SumukhOne whose face is charming.
EhaIn this place, Here, Now, At this time
PradyumanSomeone extremely wealthy.
AtulyaThe incomparable one.
ArthahRevered by all.
DurlabhOne which is rare.
AdbhutaThe one who is wonderful or astonishing
AmoghOne who performs everything with a purpose.
HemangHaving a golden and shimmery body.
AgnijaOne who is born out of the fire.
RivaanshA strong desire to succeed.
TrijoshOne who is positively minded
SulabhAlways and anywhere available.
AshrithSomeone who is always eager and ready to help.
IneshOne who is the ruler of all; a powerful and strong ruler.
InesaPure, sacred, purifying
SuyatiOne who has controlled his passions, Epithet of Vishnu
EeshvaraSomeone who can do anything all by himself.
UrjitHe who has a lot of energy.
SahashrajitOne who defeats everyone.
ChiranjeeviOne who will never die; the immortal one.
VarishSleeping on the ocean;
PranshuTall, High
JinaTo live
DhruvOne who never changes amidst everything that is changing.
NamishWell-mannered, respectful, polite.
AbhimaDestroyer of fear.
AmitashOmnipresent, One who has sacred marks
MadhavaSweet like honey
JayantAlways the victorious one.
KumudA Lotus, Joy of the Earth, Water lily
MadhusudanThe one who killed the demon Madhu.
AnvithOne who bridges the gap.
vishvakarmaaThe creator of the universe
NikeshThe saviour; someone who is not finite.
VishruthA person who is famous and well known.
VirajMagnificient and splendid; splendour; courageous.
prajaapatihThe Lord of all creatures
AadhavanAs brilliant as the sun.
VitthalOne who bestows prosperity.
SarvahThe only one.
SarvaadihThe beginning of all
VishvamThe Lord of the universe; ruler; the greatest.
HariOne who destroys.
SuhritOne who is a friend to everyone.
AshvattasThe tree of life; Banyan tree.
SarveshwarOne who controls everyone.
SatkritThe loved one.
AksharEverlasting; immortal; one who cannot be destroyed.
VatsalSomeone who is very affectionate.
VishishtOne who surpasses all because of his glory.
AjeyaOne who cannot be Conquered
ReyaanshThe first rays of the Sun.
KeshavOne who has long hair; one who has killed Keshi, the demon.
NimishIn no time; at the moment.
DurjayOne who cannot be conquered or defeated.
PushkaraOne with lotus-like eyes.
ShrivasOne who lives with Shree (Goddess Lakshmi).
SriyaanBeing sensible; riches.
SatyahThe truth
VikramAn expert; having mastery.
BhuvaneshLord of the Universe; Lord of the Earth;The Lord of the World
AnayHaving no leader.
RishikOne who is full of knowledge; the rays of the Sun.
ShatrughanDestroyer of enemies.
PawanAir; wind.
AmurtiAll Prevading, Incorporeal
BhaveshOne who rules the world.
BhanuBright as the sun.
VishaalVery great
RakshanOne who protects.
ShivahOne who is forever pure.
PrabhootasOne who is always full.
LathikVery Powerful
AdhritOne who does not require support but supports others.
ArvindOne who has lotus-like eyes.
PrathitOne who exists permeating everything.
SameeranOne who efficiently manages and is responsible for the running of all living creatures.
KanilOne who cannot be destroyed.
AriInner Skin, Brave, Lion, Eagle
VishamOne who is equal to none.
MadhavGoddess Mahalakshmi’s husband.
HrishikeshGod of the senses.
AdeepLight or Light of Lord Vishnu
AniruddhUnrestrained, unstoppable.
AvyanSomeone who is flawless and unmarred.
ShrishThe Lord of wealth and prosperity.
AnantajitSomeone who is always victorious.
BadriFullness of the Moon, One who Took Part in the Battle of Badr
ArkahSomeone who is in the guise of the sun.
MahilOne who has the quality of being warm, affectionate, gentle and considerate.
VaidyahThe greatest doctor.
VeerThe brave one.
MokshithThe liberated; one who has attained moksha.
AdwithOne who is most powerful.
SubhujOne with elegant arms.
ArchismanResplendent; radiant.
PaarthivSon of the earth, Brave, Prince of earth, Earthly
DeveshRevered by the Devas; Lord of all the Gods.
AjanThe Unborn
AsanLord Vishnu, Vault, Easy
MukundThe one who liberates.
ManoharOne who wins over the mind.
BaliA mighty warrior, Brave, Powerful, Strength
TrilokeshKing of all the three worlds.
GovindOne who protects and guards cows.
SourishThe Lord of the Suras or Devas
DevarsheeTeacher of the god, A God likes a saint
AnandPure bliss; happiness.
NarayanThe abode of all human beings.
ShrivatsaThe lover of Goddess Lakshmi.
RamGod; Supreme spirit
aavartanahThe unseen dynamism
BishnuThe Protector
JyesthThe eldest.
IreshThe Lord of the Earth.
SharvasThe auspicious, fortunate one
DakshSmart one; competent.
SuvrataOne who has taken the most fortunate and favourable forms.
StavyaSomeone who is praiseworthy.
DhananjayOne who Wins Wealth
AnanthOne which is endless.
SubhekshanA very favourable gaze.
ArnavAs vast as an ocean.
VasuInvaluable; exquisite; someone who is rich and has a lot of wealth.
VarunThe Sun.
AmritayaOne who will never die.
RudraOne who makes everyone cry.
ShresthThe best one
VilakshanSomeone who is the best; the unusual.
NandOne who is liberated from all worldly pleasures.
AnimishOne who knows everything.
SuranandGiving immense happiness.
VineetHaving great knowledge; someone who is well-mannered and courteous.
BhudhavBhu – Earth, Dhav – Lord

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