How Often Should I Change My Baby's Diaper At Night

How Often Should I Change My Baby’s Diaper At Night?

Every adult knows about how important full sleep is for health because d, during this time, the body manages to recover fully. Therefore, any caring mother strives to do everything that her baby sleeps soundly at night and does not wake up because it guarantees that both the child and his parents will stand up cheerful, in an excellent mood, and overflowing with energy.

However, there is one contradiction, which many parents independently decide is not so easy. The fact is that some children sleep at night for 10-12 hours, and even during the night, breastfeeding is in the half-sleep, and pediatricians recommend every 3-4 hours to change the diaper.

Based on simple arithmetic calculations, parents at night should at least three times get up and change the diaper. In addition, many moms face the fact that the diaper is leaking at night but are afraid to disturb the baby. Therefore, it is worth dealing with how to deal with such situations.


Does the diaper change the newborn at night?

To accurately answer this question, you need first to understand why it is necessary to change the baby diaper so often. And the answer here is one – to avoid diaper dermatitis, which causes children discomfort and is a direct indication that either the parents do not carry out all the necessary hygiene procedures, or the chosen diaper does not cope with the task.

That is why parents should regularly (every 1-2 hours) check the fullness of the diaper, and if the inner surface is moist, then immediately make its replacement.


Do I need to change the diaper if it is poorly filled?

Not all children pee a lot during sleep. Therefore, pediatricians do not recommend waking the baby at night if he sleeps peacefully and the inner surface of the diaper is dry.

If the baby sleeps soundly, but the diaper is wet and overcrowded, the parents will have to change the diaper in their sleep to avoid skin irritation and diaper.

Most mothers share the opinion of doctors. For example, Olga (25 years old) says: “The first months of my son’s life I changed diapers even at night, as they quickly filled up and crumbs tossed and cried. But by four months, I stopped doing it because Artemchik sleeps well, does not cry, and the diaper fills only in the morning.”

If you understand the logic of the mother’s actions, you can say that she acts exactly on the instructions of children’s doctors, because if her son has no diaper, he sleeps well and nothing prevents him, then disturb him in his sleep is not necessary. But if you notice that the child was in a dream, you will have to act differently.

When the child is snacking in sleep, parents should replace the diaper and thoroughly wash the baby with warm water (34-36 degrees Celsius). In addition, it is recommended to use baby soap if during the night bathing it was not used.


How to change a diaper in a child’s sleep?

How to change a diaper in a child's sleep

Many moms think about how to act if they find that the baby’s diapers are overcrowded and it urgently needs to be changed. In fact, the order of action is the same as during the day, that is:

  • The child is put on the changing table, and the night light is turned on (the light bulb should be dim) so that you can thoroughly wash the baby if necessary;
  • Then the dirty diaper is unbuttoned, but it is not necessary to remove it in a hurry because the front dry part can be removed from the skin;
  • then you should take the baby by the ankles and raise his ass over the table – this will quickly remove the dirty diaper;
  • The baby should be carefully wiped or washed, while powdering and cream is better used on the recommendations of the pediatrician, for example, if there is diaper;
  • Puts on a clean diaper – for this, the back of the diaper is put under the ass, then the hygiene product is straightened between the legs and buttoned;
  • Mom carefully moves the baby to the crib.

As for the dirty diaper, it can be tightly rolled and placed in a disposable cam – then until the morning, no bad smell will not disturb the night sleep of the child and his parents. You can also use a diaper recycler – this device is equipped with a special airtight film, so the smell will not penetrate.

You can often hear the phrase: “I slept like a baby,” which indicates that the person slept deep and serene sleep and woke up joyful. But, of course, every parent wants his child to sleep like that. Therefore, you need to monitor the behavior of the crumbs at night carefully and change the diapers as needed.

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