220 Unique Twin Baby Names Indian with Meanings

Today, we are presenting you the list of unique baby names for twins that would suit your child and make him cute too. There is a great variety available when it comes to twin girl names or twin boy names as well. Based on culture, religion

A unique list of twin baby names. It includes Indian name for twins, as well as English and Hindi name.

Name (A)Meaning of Name (A)Name (B)Meaning of Name (B)
AarushFirst ray of sun in the winterAahanSunrise
RahilThe one who often travels, TravellerAahilGuide
AvanRuler of the earth; one who rules the earthAakashThe Sky
AahanSunrise, a good morningAarushFirst ray of sun in the winter
NirbhayFearless or without fearAbhayFearless
ManavManAbhinavNovel or innovative
AkhilComplete, WorldAchalConstant
NirpeshKing of kings or EmperorAdeshCommand, Message
AdinBeautiful, noble of spiritAdilHonest, judge, sincere
AdikyaAuthorityAdityaLord Surya
EthanStrongAidanHelp; Intelligent
RanjitOne who is entertainedAjitInvincible, Irresistible, Unsurpassed.
BirbalBrave HeartAkbarGreater, Bigger, The rule of kings
AchalConstantAkhilComplete, World
LakshayTarget, goal, AimAkshayForever, Infinite
RakshitProtected, GuardedAkshitEye
AzharLuminous, Brilliant, Radiant, Shining, or ClearAmarImmortal
AmbarSkyAmbakLord Shiva
AmbakLord ShivaAmbarSky
SumitA good friend; Well measured.Amitinfinite or immeasurable or boundless
ArpitTo donateAmritNectar, Nectar of immortality
AtulIncomparable or matchless or uniqueAmulValuable, having high value
AadiBeginning, the startAnantInfinite, uncountable
TanishAmbitionAnishSupreme, the ultimate
ArpitTo donate, to give or to offerAnkitConquered
VanshComing generation of father or GenerationAnshA portion of something, a part
TanujRising SunAnujYounger brother
AnuroopHandsome, attractiveAnuraagdevotion, passion, attachment, and eternal love
Anuraagdevotion, passion, attachment, and eternal loveAnuroopHandsome, attractive
ArohanTo riseAradhanPrayer or worship
PranavHindu trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)ArnavOcean, foaming sea
AnkitConqueredArpitTo donate, to give or to offer
DarshLord KrishnaArshDominion or Crown or Thrown
SamarthLord Krishna; PowerfulArthMeaning
VarunLord of water, A supreme Vedic GodArunThe crimson glow of the rising sun, Dawn, Passionate
AyanshPart of parentsAtharvLord Ganesha and the name of the first Ved
AmulValuable, having high valueAtulIncomparable or matchless or unique
AakashSkyAvanRuler of the earth; one who rules the earth
KayaanName of a dynasty of king KaikobadAyaanGift of God
YuvanStrong; HealthyAyanThe lucky one
AtharvLord Ganesha and the name of the first VedAyanshPart of parents
KhushHappy, joy, delightAyushAge, a man, long-lived, one having a long life.
ShazaadKing’s son, a princeAzaadLiberal, free, independent
AmarImmortal, long-livedAzharLuminous, Brilliant, Radiant, Shining, or Clear
BevisHandsome faceBevanSon of Evan
BevanSon of EvanBevisHandsome face
AkbarGreater, Bigger, The rule of kingsBirbalBrave Heart
RyanLittle king or IllustriousBrianHigh or Noble
ChandanSandalwood, Auspicious, PerfumedChandThe Moon, To shine
ChandSincere wish, The Moon, To shineChandanSandalwood, Auspicious, Perfumed
VeerA brave personDaiwikBy God’s grace
DavidBelovedDanielGod is my judge
ArshDominion or Crown or ThrownDarshLord Krishna
DanielGod is my judgeDavidBeloved
DeepakLamp, Kindle, BrillianceDeepA lamp, Beautiful, light
DeepA lamp, Brilliance, Beautiful, lightDeepakLamp, Kindle, Brilliance
ShivenName of Lord Shiva or one who maintains a balance between life & deathDevanFood offered to the Gods or holy
SaranshSummaryDevanshDevine or part of god
UvrajA princeDevrajRuler of gods
SirajLight or LampDhirajPatience or Consolation
TaraStarDhruvThe pole star or Constant or Faithful
ImraanA Prophet’s name.EhsaanPerfection or Compassion
VishantAnother name of Lord VishnuEkantSolitary, Silence
NileshLord Krishna, moonEleshKing
FarizDetermined and PromisingFarihDelightful and Happy
FarihDelightful and HappyFarizDetermined and Promising
LaurelLaurel treeHardyBold and courageous
MihirThe SunHimirCalm and cold
RiteshLord of truthHiteshLord of Goodness
KartikA name of one of the month according to Indian CalendarHrithikTruthful, honest
EhsaanPerfection or Excellence or Benevolence or CompassionImraanA Prophet’s name.
JamesSupplanterJacobThe holder of the heel
JacobThe holder of the heelJamesSupplanter
IshanLord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Agni and Surya, GenerousJihanThe universe, world
JoshuaTo saveJosephMay Jehovah add increase
JosephMay Jehovah add increaseJoshuaTo save
RanbirThe brave warriorKabirThe great
KulinHigh-born, nobleKalyanWelfare, good
NamanBow to god or Salutation or RenownedKananA forest
KrishShort form of Lord Krishna’s nameKanishCaring, thoughtful,
HrithikTruthful, honestKartikA Hindu month,
AyaanGift of God, rays of the rising sun, or Soaked in the divineKayaanName of a dynasty of king Kaikobad
AyushAge, a man, long-lived, one having a long life.KhushHappy, joy, delight
RishBrave and dominant rulerKrishAttraction, a name derived from the name of Lord Krishna
KanishCaring, thoughtful,KrishShort form of Lord Krishna’s name
NitinMaster of the right pathKritinWise, intelligent, skilled
KalyanWelfare, goodKulinHigh-born, noble
LavaPieceKushTalented, Skillful, mastery
AkshayForever, InfiniteLakshayTarget, goal, Aim
LohithRed, made of copperLalithElegant
HardyBold and courageousLaurelLaurel tree
KushTalented, Skillful, masteryLavaPiece
LalithElegantLohithRed, made of copper
PralayEnding, DissolutionMalayFragrant, Sandalwood,
AbhinavNovel or innovativeManavMan
MichaelWho is like godMatthewGift of the Lord
MatthewGift of the LordMichaelWho is like god
HimirCalm and coldMihirThe Sun
ShishirA seasonMihirSun
RohitRedMohitOne who is attracted
TakshGod GaneshaMokshSalvation
MukulBlossomMridulSoft, Delicate or Tender
MridulSoft, Delicate or TenderMukulBlossom
NakulLord ShivaMukulBlossoming
SahilSeacoastNahilQuenched, appeased, Satisfied
MukulBlossomingNakulLord Shiva
KananA forestNamanBow to god or Salutation or Renowned
NayanEye, Decorum, directing, communityNamanBowing, salutation, to pay homage
NaveenNewNavalWonder; New; Modern
NamanBowing, salutation, to pay homageNayanEye, Decorum, directing, community
GaganSky, HeavenNeelA mountain, sapphire, a champion
VayuWind, Air, one of the fifth elementNeerWater, one of the five elements, the essence of life
NikhitSharp or Earth or Ganges,NikhilUniversal or Complete without boundary
Nikhila man who is “Complete” or “Universal” and “Resilient”, Complete without boundaryNikhitSharp or Earth or Ganges,
Vinayhumility and modestyNilayLord Vishnu’s name, Heaven,
AbhayWithout Fear or FearlessNirbhayFearless or without fear
AdeshMessageNirpeshKing of kings or Emperor
PrashantCalm and composedNishantDawn, break of the day
PiyushDairy milkPinankLord Shiva
PinankLord ShivaPiyushDairy milk
MalayFragrant, Sandalwood,PralayEnding, Dissolution
ArnavOcean, foaming seaPranavHindu trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)
NishantDawn, break of the dayPrashantCalm and composed
PunitPure or holyPriyamLove, Beloved
MayankMoon, distinguishedPriyankVery dear husband
PriyamLove, BelovedPunitPure or holy
AhilA person who shows the way to others, GuideRahilThe one who often travels, Traveller
AkshitEyeRakshitProtected, Guarded
KabirThe greatRanbirThe brave warrior
AjitInvincible, Irresistible, Unsurpassed.RanjitThe delighted one, Victorious, One who is entertained
TanvirBodily brave and strongRanvirHero of battle or war
KrishAttraction, a name derived from the name of Lord KrishnaRishBrave and dominant ruler
SaurabhFragranceRishabhA musical note, excellent, bull, superior
HiteshLord of GoodnessRiteshLord of truth
RutvijGuru, TeacherRitvikPriest
MohitOne who is attractedRohitRed
RonavHandsome, Gracious, Charming, good-looking, attractiveRonakRadiance or Celebration or Embellishment or Brightness or
RonakRadiance or Celebration or BrightnessRonavHandsome, Gracious, Charming, good-looking, attractive
RitvikPriestRutvijGuru, Teacher
BrianHigh or NobleRyanLittle king or Illustrious
NahilQuenched, appeased, SatisfiedSahilSeacoast
ArthMeaningSamarthLord Krishna, one who is efficient
AadeshInstruction; orderSandeshMessage
DevanshDevine or part of godSaranshSummary
WedantSomeone with knowledge of the Vedas, Theology; King of all The scriptures, a Vedic method of self-realisationSedantA variant of Siddhant, truth
TanaySonShanayAncient, immortal.
SushantQuiet, PeacefulShashankThe Moon
AzaadLiberal, free, independentShazaadKing’s son, a prince
ShwetWhite, PureShikharThe peak of a mountain, Ultimate
MihirSunShishirA season
SatyamHonesty, truthnessShivamAuspicious, Another name of Lord Shiva,
NigamVictory, vedic text, townShubhamAuspicious, good
ShikharThe peak of a mountain, UltimateShwetWhite, Pure
VedantUltimate wisdomSiddhantMoral, Principle
DhirajPatience or ConsolationSirajLight or Lamp
VinayPoliteness and modestySnehLove and affection
SumedhWise, clever, sensible,SuchetAlert, Attentive
SuchetAlert, AttentiveSumedhWise, clever, sensible,
Amitinfinite or immeasurable or boundlessSumitA good friend; Well measured.
MokshSalvationTakshGod Ganesha; Strong; Eyes Like a Pigeon.
ShanayAncient, immortal.TanaySon
AnishSupreme, the ultimateTanishAmbition
AnujYounger brotherTanujRising Sun
RanvirHero of battle or warTanvirBodily brave and strong
DhruvThe pole star or Constant or Faithful or FirmTaraStar, In Irish it means where the kings met.
YashVictory, reputation, glory, success, celebrityTejasLight, Power, Brightness, Tip of the flame,
UdayBlue lotus, To riseUbhayBlessing
UbhayBlessingUdayBlue lotus, To rise
DevrajRuler of godsUvrajA prince
AnshA portion of something, a partVanshComing generation of father or Generation
ArunThe crimson glow of rising sun, Dawn, PassionateVarunLord of water, Neptune, A supreme Vedic God
NeerWater, one of the five elements, the essence of lifeVayuWind, Air, one of the fifth element
SiddhantMoral, PrincipleVedantHindu philosophy or Ultimate wisdom
DaiwikBy God’s graceVeerA brave person
VetrivelSon of ParvatiVelLord Murugan
VelA divine javelin spear associated with Hindu war God Karthikeya, Lord MuruganVetrivelSon of Parvati
VidyutA spark of lightning, BrilliantVibhutStrong, powerful
MridulWater, delicate, gentleVidulThe Moon
VibhutStrong, powerfulVidyutA spark of lightning, Brilliant
VivaanLord KrishnaVihanThe first ray of sun
VinithUnassuming, Knowledgeable, Modest, Venus, requesterVijithInvincible, Winner, unstoppable.
NilayLord Vishnu’s name, Heaven,Vinayleading, guidance, politeness, humility and modesty
SnehLove and affectionVinayPoliteness and modesty
VijithInvincible, Winner, unstoppable.VinithUnassuming, Knowledgeable, Modest, Venus, requester
VirenThe lord of warriorsVirCourageous, Lightning, Thunder,
Warrior, Strong,
YuvrajA princeVirajsovereignty, excellence or splendour
VirCourageous, Lightning, Thunder,
Warrior, Strong
VirenThe lord of warriors
EkantSolitary, SilenceVishantAnother name of Lord Vishnu
VihanThe first ray of sunVivaanLord Krishna
WasanIdol, statueWamanShort, the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu
WamanShort, the 5th incarnation of Lord VishnuWasanIdol, statue
SedantA variant of Siddhant, truthWedantSomeone with knowledge of the Vedas
TejasGold, Power, Might, Sharpness, Brightness,YashVictory, reputation, glory, success, celebrity
AyanThe lucky oneYuvanStrong; Healthy; Young; A Name of Lord Shiva.
Virajsovereignty, excellence or splendourYuvrajA prince
ZianSelf-peaceZavianNew house, light, or a variant of Xavier
ZeehanBrightness, whiteness, DroughtZayantVictorious, Star
ZayantVictorious, starZeehanBrightness, whiteness, Drought
ZenithThe very top, peakZenilVictorious, Victory of blue
ZenilVictorious, victory of blueZenithThe very top, peak

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